Saving a Document to Your Computer

Save as .txt

You can save your draft work to your local device, as it is always a good idea to keep copies of all of your important notes. To do so, click File from the menu bar and select Save As.

save text
Note: You can also press Ctrl + Shift + S or Command + Shift + S on your keyboard to open the Save As dialog box.

This will prompt you to enter the filename of your choice.

save as

It will use the document's title as the filename. If empty, it will use 'Untitled Note'. Here you can also change the file extension. By default, it will use .txt which is the most common file type for plain text files.

Once you click the Save button, it will automatically download the text file. You can find it in your Downloads folder.

downloads folder


Here are some detailed guides that might help you get started.